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19 Uses of Vaseline that You Ignore

You may think that Vaseline was limited to only a few uses? Think again! Real rejuvenation for the skin, Vaseline is probably the cheapest beauty treatment. Here are 19 uses you certainly know.

19 Uses of Vaseline that You Ignore
Vaseline: what is it?

Founded in the late 19th century, Vaseline is a petroleum derivative jelly and has many uses, from DIY remedies to veterinary medicine. Even though this product lacks a bit of glamour, its benefits are recognized around the world. It protects the cuticles and elbows from drying, prevents streaks on the skin, heals dry and split hair ends, and soothes the skin after shaving… In short: Vaseline is an indispensable product in your bathroom that needs to be integrated into your beauty care routine, urgently!

  1. Vaseline has emollient virtues: it softens dry or cracked elbows related to lack of moisture during the winter.
  2. Do you struggle to open your nail polish bottles? Put a little petroleum jelly under the cap.
  3. To cover the lipstick on your teeth, put some Vaseline on the teeth to keep them white and wear a perfect smile! This is a widely used professional makeup technique.
  4. To prevent unsightly streaks if you use spray tan, rub your back, your ankles, your knees and your hands with a little Vaseline.
  5. To expand your lashes, apply a little Vaseline on them and leave it overnight. You will find that they will expand naturally.
  6. For as long as possible to keep your perfume smelling, rub your wrists and neck with a little Vaseline after vaporization, this trick extends the smell.
  7. To treat split hair ends after shampoo, rub your hair tips with some Vaseline. Just make sure not to use too much as this product is very fatty!
  8. Do you want to give a second life to your old shoes? Use some Vaseline instead of your regular shoe polish on leather and scuffed heels: they will look like new.
  9. To avoid stains on the face after coloring your hair at home, apply a little Vaseline on the contours of your face to prevent staining overflowing.
  10. After a shave, petroleum jelly soothes the skin and prevents redness.
  11. If you have very dry skin, massage the face and neck with a little Vaseline to make it softer. Be careful, however, to use it in moderation, especially if you have very sensitive skin. This is a very fatty product that can clog the pores.
  12. Vaseline is a great exfoliant! On a glove, put a little sea salt, some Vaseline and rub your skin in the shower. You’ll come out with a soft and silky skin.
  13. If you are struggling with your ears to put your Q-tips, use some Vaseline and they should slide easily.
  14. Before waxing your eyebrows, apply a little Vaseline to soften the area and remove the hair more easily.
  15. To easily remove the residues that remain stuck on the eyes when you remove your false eyelashes, apply a light touch of Vaseline.
  16. To enhance your eye shadow cream, mix it with a little Vaseline. Your makeup will have a “glossy” effect.
  17. To take care of your cuticles, rub them with a dab of Vaseline to soften and prevent their drying (especially in winter!).
  18. To keep the lips soft, use petroleum jelly as lip balm. It is ideal in winter, especially to repair and moisturize the damaged and chapped lips.
  19. To remove “heavy” makeup, use a little Vaseline on a cotton disk.
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