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If these 2 lines on your palm matches up, you are very special

Palm reading is a type of ancient art that goes back hundreds of generations. It originated in India and spread throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.Palmistry with the meaning of palm reading or hand prediction is to learn a person’s personalities, fortune and future by analyzing his/her hands.


  1. The Left Handed Line Is Higher

For females, the right hand is what you’re born with, and left is what you’ve accumulated throughout your life.

For males, it is the other way around. The left hand is what you’re born with, and the right is what you’ve accumulated throughout your life.

This also generally means that people who have the line higher on the left side of their hand are extremely beautiful or handsome.

  1. The Right Handed Line Is Higher

The theory is that the left hand shows potential, while the right hand shows what you’ve done with that potential. Some palm readers believe that “the left is what the gods give you, the right is what you do with it”. There are four major types of hands, which relate to the elements.

The right hand reveals how we deal daily with our outer world of co-workers, acquaintances, and the public. It also indicates how we want to be seen by others.

  1. Both Lines Are Perfectly Aligned

Your Life Line is an important palm reading mark associated with how well you bounce back after life’s hardships. Your basic physical vitality and life energy are reflected in this line and area of the hand.

If your hands are clammy, you are lazy and unstable, but well-intentioned. If it is hot, you are wild and successful, but can be insincere. If your hands are cold, you are generous, reserved and a bit of a hermit!

When it comes to marriage, you are the kind of person who will marry someone that is accepted by every single person you know.


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