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A Teaspoon of this Spice will Help you Burn 3 Times More Fat!

Unattractive, fat accumulation is a risk that can seriously affect your health. Indeed, it can disrupt the functioning of the heart, liver and other organs. However, there are natural tips to say goodbye to unsightly bulges.

Here for example a spice that helps burn 3 times more fat.

A Teaspoon of this Spice will Help you Burn 3 Times More Fat

The benefits of cumin


Cumin is a popular plant for its benefits since ancient times. The Romans frequently used this plant because of its healing properties. Cumin also has been used to spice up the dishes and give them more flavor. It has many properties including:
• Antispasmodic
• Digestive stimulant
• Anti-inflammatory

Cumin is also beneficial against the following disorders:
• Constipation
• Bloating
• Slow digestion
• Intestinal spasms
• Lack of appetite
• Stomach ache
• Insomnia

If you suffer from one of these disorders, prepare an infusion with a tablespoon of cumin or caraway flowers, and steep for 10 minutes. This old grandmother’s trick is very effective, but be careful: it is not advisable to consume cumin excessively as it can be toxic to the body.

Furthermore, cumin has powerful antioxidant properties. Indeed, it is rich in antioxidants called flavonoids and isoflavones that help protect the body against several disorders, including cancer. Scientists at Ohio University have shown that black cumin inhibited the growth of cancer cells. However, not all scientists agree on this subject.

The effectiveness of cumin to burn fat

You probably didn’t know, but cumin is a very effective trick to burn fat. A study conducted by the Shahid Sadoughi Medical University showed that cumin helped obese people lose weight. Researchers studied the case of 88 obese women divided into two groups. During three months, the two groups followed a healthy and balanced diet, with the only difference that the second group consumed daily 3 grams of cumin, a tablespoon of the spice. After three months, women in this group had lost 3 lbs more than those of the first group. But the biggest change was noted in terms of body fat mass: Women in the second group had lost 14.64% of their body fat, while those in the first group had lost only 4.91%.

Furthermore, cumin is rich in phytosterols which prevent the absorption of cholesterol. It also promotes thermogenesis, a process by which the body draws on its fat reserves to restore the body’s temperature (burning more calories).

For all these reasons, do not hesitate to consume a teaspoon of cumin per day, in addition of a healthy balanced diet.

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