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Blueberries Keep the Heart Healthy

The results of a study show that they also prevent cancer and diabetes.

Blueberries prevent deposition of fat in the abdomen, lower cholesterol and blood sugar and thus prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes, say scientists from the University of Michigan.

Blueberries Keep the Heart Healthy

Scientists explain that the beneficial properties of blueberries are due to phytochemicals – natural antioxidants anthocyanins which give red, purple and dark blue color to the fruits and vegetables.

The research also shows that blueberries reduce the fatty layer in the abdomen while lowering the content of the “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Moreover, they normalize the level of sugar in the blood and thus improve the absorption of insulin in converting sugar into energy.

Several years ago, US scientists said they have enough serious data showing that anthocyanins may protect people from cancer because they significantly slow the growth of cancer cells and even in some cases, killing up to 20% of them.

“The pigment of antotsianinat contained in the black radish and carrot, is even more effective, by slowing the growth of cancer cells by 50-80%, and coloring substances derived from chokeberry, deplete 1/5 part of the cancer cells without affecting the healthy ones ” says an article published in the latest issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

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