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What does the Color of your Nail Polish say About you?

Nowadays, appearance is important and gives a first impression that will remain engraved in the memory of our surroundings. So to have a neat and harmonious look has become a must of everyday life. How our aesthetic choices reflect our personality?

For women, the choice of colors used in their makeup and nail polish must be judiciously, namely a showcase without going overboard.

Knowing the meaning of colors is very useful, the choice of the color of the nail polish to put on your nails must be done with care and caution. Generally this unconscious choice reflects the mood and the inner self of the woman and is often interpreted by the environment as a reflection of her character traits and personality.

To help you make the best choices regarding nail polish, this is what certain colors say about your personality.

The meanings of the choice of the nail polish colors


To have preference for a pink color means you are a girl, and that you will not hesitate to play with dolls if it was part of the norms of the society. It also shows that you are perceptive, emotional, and you like being surrounded by affection and without conflicts.


If orange is your favorite, you are a person who sees the glass half full. You are optimistic, creative and full of energy. You also have a young extrovert spirit who goes in search of new discoveries.


If you choose purple, you are creative, generous, and altruistic with a highly developed sixth sense. This deep color reflects the calm, serenity and spiritual harmony.


The choice of this intermediate color between white and black shows that you are a rather hesitant person who prefers not to take risks. Prudence and self-control are the main traits.


When you choose the color blue, it means that you are honest and trustworthy. People who prefer this color are known for their sense of responsibility, stability and wisdom, although sometimes they may prove inflexible and anxious.


Color of sunrise, yellow represents the freshness and new beginnings. It is the color of funny and adventurous personalities who are willing to explore new horizons again and again pushing their mental and intellectual abilities.


This bright color means that you are very strong, impulsive and aggressive. You also have versatile character and are always thirsty for change and challenge. The red also symbolizes fire and passion that characterize each of your actions.


Softer than the previous one, the color white is a symbol of purity and innocence and even naiveté.  If you choose white, you’re a nice person and full of sweetness, which prefers to live in a cool, stable and quite environment, a perfectionist.

Whatever your preferences, before choosing the color of your nail polish, it is very important to ensure its quality. Nail polishes on the market contain very harmful chemicals for the health of your nails and your body in general. Toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate are chemicals used to strengthen the nails, give the polish its homogeneous texture and make it easier to apply, but when it is exposed to prolonged and repetitive manner, this can damage the central nervous system, causing disorders of the reproductive organs and even cause cancer.

So to preserve your beauty and health, be vigilant in choosing your nail polish in both its composition and its color!


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