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Every Woman Should Know THIS Trick! Here’s Why… (VIDEO)

We all know what the primary use of sanitary napkin is. But do you know the other uses of this product? In fact there are many uses, each more astonishing than the other! In addition to protecting the underwear, sanitary napkins are a magic product to make your life easier.

Sanitary napkins are used by many women to protect their own underwear and protect them from sweating. They give a feeling of freshness and prevent unpleasant odors.

However, the use of sanitary napkins is not limited to personal hygiene. Here are some practical tips that every woman should know!

Cover and protect wounds

Sanitary napkins are effective in case of injury. If you don’t have gauze or other medical equipment on hand, you can use them to cover the wound.

How to use it?
Place a piece of a sanitary napkin over the wound and secure it on both sides with adhesive tape. This trick will help prevent wound infection by protecting it from bacteria but also helps stop the bleeding.

Clean various surfaces

Sanitary napkins can replace paper towels for cleaning. They are highly absorbent and virtually indestructible.

How to use it?
To clean your microwave oven, dip a sanitary napkin in water and wipe the inside of the microwave, than heat for one minute. The steam that will emerge will help you clean even the most stubborn stains. Add baking soda for efficiency. Afterwards, wipe the inside of the microwave with the panty liner.

Replaces breast pad

Nipple discharge is a natural phenomenon in women who breastfeed because of the overproduction of milk. This fluid leak can be annoying, which is why women use breast pads to absorb the leakage. But if they don’t have them at hand, they can always use sanitary napkins!

How to use it?
Simply cut a sanitary napkin in half and stick it to the bra, to cover the nipple.

Make an eye shadow shield

Spending half an hour on your makeup and then finding residues of eye shadow is a nightmare! If you find yourself in this situation all the time, it may be time for you to get a shadow shield (eye shields) or better, make them yourself with sanitary napkin.

How to use it?
Cut the sanitary napkin into 3 parts and paste two of them on the back of your hand to reduce their adhesiveness.
Then, place them on the top of your cheekbones, under the eyes, for they capture all the falls of eye shadow.

Control perspiration

If you are prone to sweating in the armpits, you can use sanitary napkins to prevent perspiration rings under the arms.

How to use it?
Put sanitary napkins on your clothes in the armpits area and change them when they get too wet. They will absorb sweat and protect your clothes.

Watch this video for even more alternative uses of sanitary napkins:



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