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Grandma’s Remedy: Mix these Two Ingredients for a Radiant Smile!

You want to enhance the whiteness of your teeth and have a movie star smile? The remedy we offer will help you whiten your teeth naturally.

If you’ve ever tried to give sparkle to your teeth and the results don’t meet your expectations, this remedy may help. You will need 2 simple ingredients available anywhere!

Grandmas Remedy

• 1 lemon
• 2 tablespoons of baking soda

• Squeeze the lemon and mix the juice with baking soda;
• Apply the mixture on your teeth and brush them with a soft brush.

Lemon juice helps reduce plaque and tartar and helps whiten the teeth. Lemon is natural bleach, but it is preferable not to be used more than 2 times a week because it can be abrasive to the gum.

Just as lemon, baking soda is often recommended for teeth whitening. Used in many types of toothpaste, baking soda removes yellow stains caused by tea, coffee and nicotine.

PS: This remedy is to be used 2 times a week. Furthermore, you must always rinse the mouth with warm water and avoid further brushing after using this remedy for teeth whitening.

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