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Here is a Simple Way to Cook White Rice in a Healthy Way!

Rice is one of the more cultivated cereal crops; it serves as a staple food for most of the world population. Easy to prepare, rice is a cereal that has many health benefits … But to enjoy all the nutritional quality of the rice, here is a cooking method based on coconut oil to make it more digestible.

Here is a Simple Way to Cook White Rice in a Healthy Way

Rice: a cereal with many health benefits

Rice is a food loved by everyone because of its many nutritional qualities and health benefits. It quickly provides the body the energy it needs, regulates and improves digestion, stabilizes the sugar levels in the blood, slows the aging process, while providing an important contribution to the body of vitamin B1.

Only small problem: often consumed, white rice can promote weight gain and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes because white rice can be particularly damaging to the health. This is demonstrated by a study published in the British Medical Journal, which analyzed rice consumption of 350 000 patients for 22 years, revealing that rice is a quick sugar that can cause type 2 diabetes.

This is why nutritionists usually recommend brown rice. A cup of white rice is 200 calories (high in starch).

But new recent studies have shown that the calories form the rice could be reduced with a very simple trick.
Dr. James Sudhair conducted a study on the nutritional value of rice. “I cooked rice as usual. The only difference before placing the rice in boiling water, I added a bit of coconut oil, an amount that represents approximately 3% of the amount of rice. After cooking, I put the rice in the refrigerator for about 12 hours. “

What happened during the cooking process?

The action of cooking the rice in boiling water makes it more digestible starch, which allows our body to convert it more easily into sugar and glycogen, and finally storing it as fat. Other rice cooking methods (frying, etc.) do not modify the starch, which makes this difficult to digest it.

According to Dr. Pusparajah Thavarajah, co-author of the study, “the fact of adding lipids [in this case they come from coconut oil, but you can choose another cooking oil] reduced considerably the proportion of starch and it is therefore easier to digest.” Indeed, the oil causes a reaction which alters the structure of the rice, making it less caloric.

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