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Here’s how the Japanese use this Fruit Diet

After the Banana Diet book was released in Japan, this fruit has become the flagship food for people wishing to lose weight. This book tells the story of Hitoshi Watanabe, a Japanese, who, with this diet, lost over 17 lbs in just a few months.

Watanabe is now sure: to lose weight, simply replace the usual breakfast with banana and water. He adds that this combination helps to accelerate the metabolism, and that those who adopt this diet can lose weight while consuming whatever they want for lunch and dinner.

Bananas contain starch, which promotes satiety. As a result, the fat burning process is more intense, which is 30% faster. In addition, the water aids in digestion and reduces hunger.
Heres how the Japanese use this Fruit Diet

Here are the rules of “Morning Banana Diet”

The breakfast consists of a banana and water.

You can eat one large banana or two medium bananas.

The bananas must be fresh and not ripe. Water should be at room temperature.

Lunch and dinner:

You can consume your usual meals but it is advisable to follow some simple rules if you want to shed some extra pounds:

Never eat to satiety. It is best to leave the table when you feel that about 4/5 of your stomach is full.
Never eat after 8 pm. The ideal time for dinner is 6 pm. If you are hungry after dinner, eat a fruit or yogurt.

During lunch and dinner, avoid desserts. If you want to eat something sweet, grab a fruit.

Promote water consumption throughout the day. It is best to drink water at room temperature.

You can have tea, coffee or juice for snacks.

The advantages of this diet
Lose weight without exercise.

The disadvantages of this diet
Despite the effectiveness of this diet, some people don’t lose weight even by reducing carbohydrates (especially hypoglycemic people).

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