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Here’s How to Grow Bigger Breasts

Most women dream of having a firmer chest, and some larger breasts. In fact, many have already thought of resorting to plastic surgery, even if they are reluctant to pass this course. But why consider such extreme solutions while there is a 100% natural solution to firm up and naturally increase the breast size! These are plants that will help you increase the size of your cups.
Traditional medicine offers little opportunity to increase the size of your breasts. However, there are natural alternatives that stimulate hormones which are responsible for firmer and larger breasts. Here are the benefits of certain plants that can increase your bust!

Heres How to Grow Bigger Breasts
Plant 1: Pueraria mirifica


This Thai plant is a known as Kwao Krua and its properties have been known for more than 900 years. It acts against memory loss, senility and promotes the healthier skin tone. Many publications have been written confirming the medicinal properties of this plant. In the 1950s, the Pueraria mirifica again drew the curiosity of the scientific community: an English botanist known as Herbert Kenneth Airy Shaw devotes an article in the Siam Society journal saying that this plant is a true “fountain of youth” for both men and women.
This plant is known for its phytoestrogens: the deoxymiroestrol and miroestrol two components that stimulate the blood circulation, promoting the accumulation process of water and fat in the breast tissue. Scientific studies have been conducted by Chulalongkorn University to demonstrate its effectiveness. A study was conducted on two groups of women for a period of 3 to 6 months. The first group took the Pueraria Mirifica in a daily dose and the second a placebo. After this experiment, the results were spectacular with a significant increase in breast size by those who took Pueraria Mirifica.
Plant 2: Licorice Root


This plant will increase the size of your breasts naturally. Why? It increases the rate of estrogen and prolactin, which help to increase the volume of the breasts. This plant must be ground before being consumed (a teaspoon to be taken three times daily before meals). Keep licorice under the tongue for 15 minutes and then swallow with water. It should take at least six months to observe a breast enhancement.
Tip: During the treatment, regularly practice self-massage with massage oil on your breasts to better stimulate their growth.
Plant 3: Burdock
Consumed regularly, burdock helps to increase blood flow to the breasts and thus to increase the breast size. Widely used in herbal medicine, burdock is rich in estrogen. Its roots can be used as a decoction.
Precautions: children, pregnant or nursing women should not take burdock.
Plant 4: Anise
This spice is best known for its culinary virtues, pleasantly flavoring dishes … But anise can be used to enlarge breasts! Indeed, because of its high concentration of phytoestrogens, the anise seeds, when consumed regularly, can increase the volume of the breasts.
Plant 5: Fennel
Like other plants, fennel increases the level of women’s estrogen which stimulates breast growth and improves breastfeeding.
Plant 6: Fenugreek
Most people have heard about the benefits of fenugreek, but its virtues to increase breast size are much less known. How to use fenugreek? Put some seeds in a bowl with a few tablespoons of olive oil and let stand overnight. Then use the oil for breast massage.
Fenugreek seeds contain phytoestrogens, hormones that promote the growth of the mammary gland. You can also get fenugreek oil in any drugstore instead of preparing it yourself.
Rubbing the breasts once a day for 10 days will improve the contour of your breasts. Repeat this treatment every three months.

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