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Here’s why You’re always Bloated and Solutions to Solve It!

After a heavy, hearty meal, you have a swollen belly like a balloon? Bloating is a common phenomenon that can be very annoying… Here are 5 facts that are “inflated” and many solutions to “deflate” it quickly!

Heres why Youre always Bloated and Solutions to Solve It

Bloating is caused by an accumulation of gas in the intestines. A situation that can be very embarrassing because it causes swelling of the stomach and flatulence. In general, a bloated stomach has the appearance of a large ball and the person feels “heavy”. Here are 5 reasons that cause bloating and solutions to naturally to overcome it.


Constipation is usually accompanied by bloating. A common problem since the gases get trapped behind feces and can’t come out naturally. Consequence: they cause bloating because of a disorder in the digestive process. To overcome this problem, you need to consume foods rich in fiber. But care must be taken to integrate your fiber diet gradually because you can aggravate the situation in reverse, accelerating transit and causing diarrhea! Try to eat more fresh fruit (smoothies, juices), and replace the white bread with whole grain bread.

Excessive Consumption of Carbohydrates
Excessive consumption of carbohydrates can cause bloating, hence the need to restrict the intake of carbohydrates in your diet (foods rich in fructose, processed foods, etc.) and to focus on healthy and not processed food (fruits and vegetables).

Stress: Stay Zen!
Many studies have shown that stress can cause bloating. Digestive functions are reduced when people are under stress, resulting in swelling of the stomach, and bloating that can cause constipation. So you know what to do to avoid bloating: find tips to reduce your anxiety through activities to “de-stress” you such as yoga, meditation, walks in nature, sport activities, etc.

Lack of Water
Poor hydration can lead to some health complications, so it is important to drink plenty of water every day to avoid problems. Excessive consumption of alcohol and/or coffee can cause dehydration, hence the need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Indeed, when the body is poorly hydrated, it will draw the liquid from wherever it can be found, hence the phenomenon of fluid retention that causes bloating. To eliminate this problem, you know what you have to do: drink plenty of water!

Eating Too Fast
Take time to eat if you do not want to feel bloated. Indeed, when you eat too fast, you don’t chew enough the food and therefore it can’t be digested properly. Try to eat small bites for proper digestion.
In general, try to limit salt intake to avoid being bloated and suffer from water retention. This also means to avoid certain vegetables (even if they are very beneficial to the health) such as broccoli, cabbage and asparagus, which can cause bloating to the most sensitive people.

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