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How to Use Homeopathic Medication

Many people turn to homeopathy when traditional methods and therapies have been insufficiently effective or useless.

Although Hippocrates offered to treat ‘like with like “(ie the substance that causes the symptoms of the disease is able to cure the same symptoms), the founder of the doctrine of homeopathy is considered the German physician Samuel Hahnemann.

How to Use Homeopathic Medication

Unlike the conservative western medicine, homeopathy does not cure the disease and the patient, choosing means, for each individual, which trigger the body’s internal reserves.

The usual drugs (antispasmodics, antibiotics, paracetamol) according to supporters of homeopathy simply suppress the discomfort and may cause development of chronic diseases.

Homeopathic remedies are very small doses of the substances (often from plant origin), which in large doses cause health problems to the individual.

As the traditional medicines, homeopathic medicine can be purchased in pharmacies, but it can be effective only if is prescribed by a specialist – homeopaths with higher medical education and certificate of completion in particular homeopathic treatment. If you are going for the first time at such a specialist, ask for his qualifications, without forgetting that the best recommendations are positive feedback from other patients.

The homeopathic doctor will ask you many questions during the first visit – for example, do you often feel cold, how you react to different seasons, if you any fears, what kind of food you like, in what position you sleep … He/She will certainly ask you about your childhood and the psycho-emotional problems you’ve had at that time.

According to homeopathy, everything in a human being is interconnected and in order for the treatment to be effective, the specialist must get to know the patient as a person.

Homeopathic doctors must give their patients their coordinates, so they can consult with them at any time. This is an important part of the healing process.

Once you get a medical advice, you should follow a few clear rules:

  • The prescribed homeopathic medicine should be kept in a dark place, at room temperature and away from sources of any kind of devices emitting magnetic waves: TV, microwave, refrigerator, mobile phone.
  • They must not be to substances with strong odor.
  • When taking homeopathic medicines one should refrain from using traditional medication.
  • Also avoid the use of coffee and alcohol. Tea and drinks without caffeine will not harm you.
  • If you are also doing aromatherapy, you can continue with that, as long as that the procedures are performed 2-3 hours after taking the homeopathic medicine.
  • Refrain from use of pastry and many spices.
  • It is not recommended to combine homeopathic treatment and physiotherapy.
  • It is very important to strictly follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • It’s good to keep a diary of the feelings and processes that occur in the body during the homeopathic treatment.

But the most important rule is that homeopathy cannot be applied without supervision – for example, to independently increase or decrease the dose or change the frequency of the medicine, etc.

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