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Do you Know what these Two Dimples in the Lower Back Represent?

They call them the Venus Dimples – distinctive external feature that is inherited.

The term “Venus Dimples” is an unofficial, yet historically accepted as the name within the medical profession for surface topography of the sacroiliac joints. The Latin name is Fossae lumbales laterales ( “lateral lumbar dents”).

These dents are created by a short tendon. They are considered to be genetic, but more hard work in the gym can mold similar dimples, though not as beautiful as the natural ones.

If you want to have dimples in the lower back, there is one important thing you need to do. The point is that where there are dimples, there is no muscle. Therefore, in order to build muscle in this general area, there is only one approach! The best way is to reduce body fat in the back and abdomen. If you have too much fat covering these areas, even if you have dimpled Venus, they cannot be seen. So it is best to take action and lose weight fast.

Women who have these two dimples in the lower back, usually have no problems with being overweight. Moreover, they are extremely mobile and charismatic. Ladies with dimples almost never complain about pain in the back.

The sweet dimples are located on the pelvic bone. They show good circulation and good health in both men and women. Such women usually give birth easily, without any complications.

There are studies that show that women with dimples on the back achieve orgasm much easier! In addition, these lucky ones experience multiple orgasms – something that is common, but not general.

Michelangelo’s rhomboid, Michaelis diamond – whatever we call this special place, it will remain just as attractive for both men and women. It is not in vain that majority of people find these dimples extremely sexy, and as was clear from what you have read here – this is not in vain.



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