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What Does the Length of Your Thumb Reveal About Your Love Relationships?

Did you know that the size of your thumb could say a lot about your personality? Look at the picture below and find out what your thumb reveals about you!

Many scientific researches have been devoted to the study of the relationship between the shape or length of the fingers and the personality and character of the person. Take for example of the Digit Ratio, discovered in 2006, this index gives the calculation of length ratio between the index finger and the ring finger. But in this article we will look at another finger of the hand, the thumb.

The thumb, which allows us to write, is quite distinct from the other fingers. It has only two phalanges, against three for all other fingers. Each person has a different thumb in the shape and length. And there is this difference which reveals some aspects of one’s personality, especially when it comes to relationship.

Observe your thumb and compare it with the categories described in the following image, to determine your behavior in a relationship:

What Does the Length of Your Thumb Reveal About Your Love Relationships

  1. The first half of the thumb is longer than the second one

These people are typically very passionate and faithful, when they are in love. They even tend to become a little obsessed with their partner, and to neglect their studies or work. The least we can say is that these people are fully devoted to their mate. They always need to know what their partner do at any time, and if he does not respond to a message or call on time it is the state of alert for them!
One can only admire the degree of attention that these people give to their partners, but this is not always positive. This kind of obsessive behavior can scare the partner and push him to reconsider the relationship.

  1. The two halves of thumb are equal

People who have this type of thumb are often calm, no matter the situation they are facing. They are all but irritable and always ensure to plan everything: their activities, projects, etc. which will help them achieve their goal more easily!
These people keep the same temperament and the same habits when they are involved in a relationship. Always objective and never let themselves carried away by their feelings.
However, the fact that they are too weighted, does not change the relationship. They advance slowly, and this is not always appreciated by their partners.

  1. The second half of the thumb is longer than the first one

People whose lower half of the thumb is longer than the top are very honest and reliable. Qualities that people around them appreciate. They also are very observant and always take their time before making a decision, even when it comes to their love life.
This type of people tends to well control their emotions. If, for example, they are in love with someone, they will not show feelings toward the other person.
And if they are in a relationship, they take their time and move slowly!

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