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Lose Weight Effortlessly by Laying Down, Three Times a Day for 5 Minutes

Many people hate exercise and tend to reject any change in their lifestyle. That is why the Japanese doctor Fukutsudzi developed this process to help lose weight fast and effortlessly.

Effective Japanese method to lose weight

As everyone knows, a balanced diet combined with regular physical activity is the best way to lose weight effectively. However, we must recognize that we often lack motivation to accomplish any physical effort … The method developed by the Japanese doctor Fukutsudzi is very effective to lose weight, even for the laziest of you!

This method, Fukutsudzi develops in detail in a book that has sold over 6 million copies in Asia. He explains that it is not necessary to do a lot of physical exercises to keep fit and lose weight. To follow the principles of Dr. Fukutsudzi, you only need a large towel, a string to tie your towel (previously wrapped) and a hard surface (preferably ground). You must practice these postures 3 times a day for 5 minutes.

This method requires no effort, and has proven to help you lose weight. For this you just have to practice these postures daily and as regularly as possible.

Lose Weight Effortlessly by Laying Down

What are the principles of the Fukutsudzi method?

According to the Japanese doctor, excess fat is mainly due to poor fit of the pelvic bone and the subcostal bones. Indeed, Fukutsudzi discovered that there was a link between the two bones and by following this technique, you can easily eliminate abdominal fat.

How to practice Fukutsudzi method?

  1. Wrap the towel and secure it with a string or tape to hold it tight;
    2. Sit on a flat surface (preferably the floor);
    3. Place the towel under your back (the area around the navel) and lie down;
    4. Keep your legs apart at shoulder width and bend your legs so that your big toes are touching the ground;
    5. Then do the same with your arms. Extend your arms completely above your head, turn the palms down and make sure that you touch both of you ears.
    6. You’ll probably say that this posture is very simple to do, but the implementation is much more difficult than you think. You will probably feel uncomfortable, especially at the beginning!

For this method to be effective, repeat this procedure three times a day for five minutes. At first these postures will seem “weird” and painful.

But even if they hurt you, it is essential to persevere in the effort and maintain the posture as long as possible, if you want to see results. After 5 minutes’ effort, “do not hurry to meet you, you immediately turn to the side and then sit down slowly. This way you will be able to get up more easily.

Note: If you have a spine condition or bone injury, do not practice this method or ask the advice of your doctor.

Generally, this technique is not very difficult to execute, but it will be uncomfortable during the first days. Indeed, the pelvis and subcostal bones go back to their original place and it is advisable to start with sessions of two minutes and then gradually increase the duration.

During each session (5 minutes in general), bones and ankles tend to remain inflexible in the beginning, so care must be taken to avoid abrupt and hasty movements. Repeat the procedure described above.

After performing this posture, stand up slowly and gradually! This exercise is primarily considered a stretching type. But if you practice it regularly, you will feel noticeable changes in your body shape. It just takes a little determination and discipline to succeed. This method is foolproof to lose weight without any danger.

Note: Before starting this workout ritual, weigh yourself to better assess the weight loss. Indeed, some people who have practiced diligently this method noted visible results after the first week. Others have observed a reduction in waist size for 2 inches.

This method will gradually correct your posture and improve it. It contributes greatly to improve your overall well-being and physical health.

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