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Your Pinky Fingers Could Reveal Volumes About Your Personality

This may sound strange, but the shape of your pinky can reveal your personality!
This method originated in Korea says a lot about your personality just by scanning your finger. Just analyze the shape of your pinky (curved, square …) and compare its length relative to the ring finger.

This is what various forms the pinky can reveal about your personality

  1. Normal
    People who have normal pinky are mature enough and difficult to disrupt. Therefore, they are often seen as cold and distant. But in reality, if people get to know them better they will reveal their warmth and fascinating inner life.
  2. Long
    People who have long pinky means that these people are passionate and enthusiastic and looking to be the center of attention. They are not only charming and charismatic, but also very talented. Except that, in life they must work hard to prove they are good.
    According to scientists from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Florida, there is a link between sex hormones and the length of the fingers, especially the ring and index finger. Indeed, if one has the ring finger shorter or longer than the index finger, this is due to sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen).
  3. Short
    This means that the pinky is not reaching the first joint of the ring finger. People with this type of pinky are quite reserved and shy, especially with people they don’t know. They are attentive and warm. These people have big goals, but are afraid to pursue them, and if they show more courage, they can achieve anything they want.
  4. Sharp
    People whose tip of the pinky is sharp have a great oratorical talent and a phenomenal gift for the performing arts. They are very eloquent. They also make great diplomats and can easily learn foreign languages.
  5. Curved
    When the pinky is curved it means that the finger tip tends to bend towards the ring finger or on the opposite side of the ring finger. People with this form of pinky are great pacifist and prefer to avoid confrontations. They are conciliatory persons and have the ability to combine separate worlds.
  6. Equal to the ring finger
    This case is very rare, but when the pinky is as long as the ring finger, this indicates that the person is ambitious and power-hungry. People with this form of pinky have a lot of potential and can get what they want (politicians, celebrities …). They can create a lot of problems, but can also be of great benefit to the whole society. Note that researchers discovered that people with longer ring finger, make more money!
  7. Low positioned
    In some cases, the positioning of the pinky may be set lower relative to the other fingers. The root of the pinky is set much lower relative to the roots of other fingers. This indicates that the person lives in a world of dreams.
  8. Square shape
    If the joint of your pinky has a rectangle form and its tip is flat, it means that you have a square shaped finger. People with this form of finger are very honest, which is both their strength and their weakness. They are good leaders, but their sincerity often turns people off who want to approach them. However, once you earn their trust, you can gain a sincere friendship.



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