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Proven Recipe to Get Rid of Gallstones: 90% Guarantee !!!

This natural remedy to get rid of gallstones could have 100% effect. Those ten percent are left for those who do not believe and will not try it.

Before we give you the ingredients for the recipe to remove gallstones is appropriate to remind you something very important – the liver and gallbladder recover fairly quickly if relatively promptly and permanently you change your eating habits.

Flushing the stones from the gallbladder is a procedure that has been practiced since ancient times by many people. Today there are a large number of followers of this technique that gives excellent good results.

How the things work? Before using this natural remedy you need to do a cleansing day in which you don’t eat anything and you can drink only water or other liquids. During this time, the gall bladder accumulates a large amount of concentrated bile.

This will cause natural removal of any debris and stones from the gallbladder. The more often you practice this method of cleansing the gall bladder, the better. To be fair, we should say that this method does not work in all cases. If you have abused oily and spicy food for a long period of time and if you have never cleansed the bile naturally, there is no way to completely get rid of all the stones the first time. The more persistent you are, the more often you apply this method to cleanse the bile, the more likely to have success.

Here’s what you need for the recipe:

2 medium radishes
1 red onion
4-5 handfuls of spinach
1 medium carrot


1. Wash all ingredients.

2. Cut the radishes, onions, spinach and carrots into small pieces and place them in the juicer.

3. Pour the resulting juice into a cup.

Drink this drink 2 times a day – in the morning on an empty stomach and half an hour before lunch for 4 consecutive days.

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