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Do You Remember When Was The Last Time You Clean The Pillows You Are Sleeping On? Here’s How To Do it!

Sheets and the pillowcases from the bedroom are changed regularly, but no one pays attention to the pillow itself. Pillows are usually left out which it shouldn’t be the case. Specialists advise that any person should clean its pillows on which we sleep every night,at least three times a year. The best season for doing this is spring where pillows hast to be included in the famous spring cleaning.

When was the last time you washed your pillows, surely you cannot remember it. Changing regularly pillowcases is not enough when pillow hygiene is considered. According to Rober Oexman, the head of the Sleep to Live Institute, recommends cleaning your pillows twice a year, and you ought to replace your pillows regularly.

Normally, you can wash pillows in your washing machine, just place two of them in it and clean them. It is best to wash two pillows in the washing machine as it can avoid damage to them because of the high speed of the washing machine drum.

Everyone has noticed the usual yellow colour that appears on the pillows after certain period of time. Nobody likes it, and there has to be done something about it. This is what you are supposed to do. Put the pillow in the washing machine, then put 1 cup of bleaching powder, hot water, a cup of regular washing powder, and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda. With this procedure your pillows will be clean and completely white.

However, before you start to clean your pillows check the label on them and seethe recommended highest temperature; that will be the temperature that you will set on your washing machine. When the washing machine has finished its process, take out the pillows from it and squeeze the wetness from the pillow by hitting it from every side in order to speed up the drying process. Leave the pillows outside to dry completely and do not use themif they are still damp, wait until they are properly dried out.


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