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They Say It’s a Heart Attack When Your Left Hand Gets Numb, But it May Be Even Worse!

Some say that numbness of the left hand is a sure sign of a heart attack while others say that numbness of the hands has nothing to do with the heart. This is what the real truth is.

Surely you’ve ever heard of someone saying that when your left hand gets numb it is sure sign a heart attack will follow, is this absolutely true?

Certainly the there are more numbing sensation in the hands than heart attacks occur, but that possibility should not be excluded.

Numbness of the left hand can be an indicator of a heart attack and stroke as well, especially if the numbness extends to the pinky. However, in this case, the numbness sensation also extends along the forearms, shoulders and reaches the chest.

So, in addition to numbness in the hand, in case of heart attack and stroke, there are secondary symptoms like numbness in the other parts of the body, but only numbness of the fingers and hands may have other causes. However, one should not ignore the worst case scenario.

One always has to think about the worst thing that can happen. It is better to contact your doctor so he can see if it is a heart attack, than to assume that it is something else and don’t go to the doctor.
Other things that can cause numbness of the hands are rheumatoid problems, that is, the collapse of the cervical vertebrae and pressure on the nerves. In this case, you need to contact a rheumatologist. It is also possible that these symptoms be caused by some psychological disturbances, so one should also check with a doctor about this possibility.

Numbness of the hands may occur due to carrying heavy loads. Because of the awkward position of the body there might be a disturbance in the blood flow.

If you happen to feel a numbing sensation in the left hand, it’s probably not a big deal, but you must see a doctor, especially in the case if the same symptoms occur and in the chest, shoulder and forearm.

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