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Stop Texting: It’s Actually (Scientifically And Psychologically) F*cking Up Your Life

The tone of voice can’t be played in a written statement. This means that your brain can imagine the tone behind the words as you read. And it’s so easy to make a fantasy relationship without knowing what the person on the other end really feels! Too often we read through what has been written and it creates misunderstandings, which can wreak havoc in your relationships.

Taking the time to learn to control communication will serve you well in all areas of your life. You can say anything to anyone, but it’s all in how you say it.

When we meet someone, we teach him how to treat us, whether consciously or unconsciously.
If you go out with someone and want to have a serious relationship, texting is perfect for only one type of communication: logistics. Examples: “I’m on my way,” “Come for coffee” or “I’m 10 minutes late.”

But relationships can go wrong due to misunderstandings via email or text message. What to do? It’s simple: don’t send messages. Claim the type of communication you prefer. Ask your friend to call you instead of texting you. This way you can easily eliminate people who do not take relationships seriously.

This does not apply if you just want to have fun and are not looking to settle down in a relationship. If you want more, it is up to you to show that you do not content yourself with less; the man who likes you and wants a relationship with you will do what it takes.

Young women in particular want to be courted. Yet they are the ones that do all the work, leaving no space for men to reverse the trend. Know that the right person will bend over backwards for you and try to make you happy. If you think that such a man does not exist, you must get rid of this limiting belief and look with esteem on yourself.

Limiting written communication is beneficial at every stage of a relationship, whether for a first date or after 40 years of marriage. It’s never a good idea to tell how you feel by text message or send a novel to someone.

If you are really eager to form a relationship, kindly let the person concerned know that he has to call you if he wants to see you. Once you have expressed the kind of communication that you want, ignore the messages like: “how would you like to go out sometimes? “.



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