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STUDY: Did You Know That Everyone Who Wore Braces Will Be Suffering From Cancer In 20 Years?!

We all desire perfect teeth andtherefore most of us have in some point of life worn braces. However, these devices are comprised of numerous metals such as iron and nickel which are harmful for the health.

According to a new study lead by team of scientists at the Faculty of Odontology at the University of Buenos Aires,suggest that wearing braces can lead to deadly consequences. Namely, there was a 31-year-old patient who was suffering from extreme pain in his mouth, and for that reason he was sent to the dental emergency clinic. There it was discovered that he had a strange osteosarcoma, a cancerous growth, in the jaw.

This was not a typical abnormality, and for that reason doctors made further investigation discovering a deformation on the patient’s teeth where most of his teeth, loose or fixed, experienced strong pain. The tumor was also examined where it was detected large quantity of metals which are common in the manufacture of dental braces.

Unfortunately, the treatment of this patient was not successful as the cancer spread throughout his mouth. As a result of this case the doctors did more researches regarding this condition. Here it is what they concluded: wearing oral braces for a long period of time is not healthy and while wearing them balanced diet has to be incorporated as only then we have a guarantee that these metals are in a good condition.

Please share this post as high percentage of people have worn braces in their lifetime. It is important information as we can prevent mouth cancer from spreading or even if some of the people experience these symptoms can visit their doctor on time.


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