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This 70 Years Old Woman (who looks 30) Reveals the Secrets of her Power

“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine alone, thy food”. This famous quote by Hippocrates is the secret of Annette Larkins health, adding that a raw vegan diet can actually work wonders. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said that “the primary role of the physician was to assist the body’s natural resistance to overcome metabolic imbalance and restore the health and harmony of the body.”

Cancer has claimed the life of her mother, her grandmother and aunts at a very young age, and diabetes affects most of her family members. The risk of contracting a deadly disease was therefore increased for Mrs. Larkins, which led her to adopt a raw vegan diet in 1985.

This 70 Years Old Woman

Vegetable garden: the fountain of youth


Mrs. Larkins grows her own organic fruits and vegetables; they are the only foods that make up her diet. Her garden includes green leafy vegetables, herbs, berries and bananas. Indoors, she grows lettuce, cucumbers, and wheat grass. Mrs. Larkins prepares herbal juices and other natural ingredients and eats only raw foods. To hydrate, this lady drinks rainwater that she collects and she also uses it to water her plants. She often said that her garden is “the fountain of youth.”

Result: 70 years and with a raw vegan diet, Mrs. Larkins is in perfect health! She has a beautiful smooth skin without wrinkles and without age spots.

Mrs. Larkins has published books, brochures and a DVD. She appeared in several TV shows (talk shows) to share her personal story and talk about this experience that allows her to be healthy.
Raw eating can help you avoid the toxins found in processed foods

Annette Larkins is not the only one to enjoy good health with a raw vegan diet. Many people were able to prevent and treat certain diseases through this scheme.

Raw vegan diet can help fight against allergies, asthma, cancer, constipation, high cholesterol, obesity, and be healthy. Moreover, this type of diet allows you to completely avoid all processed foods containing trans fats, preservatives, GMOs, refined sugars and chemicals.

How to eat to be healthy?


It is important to know that some foods are more beneficial when cooked. For example, cooked carrots contain more vitamin A and beta carotene. Whatever the cooking method, the best way to get a good dose of vitamins and other essential nutrients is the regular consumption of a variety of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, nuts and dried fruit, and seeds rich in protein.

Although the raw vegan diet is strict, some people who tried it were able to adopt it. Furthermore, a raw diet that includes eggs and fermented dairy products may be somewhat healthier.

PS: This type of diet is associated with low bone density, vitamin B12 and zinc deficiency and a very low level of good cholesterol (HDL). It is imperative to consult a doctor before adopting it.


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