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Top 10 Foods that Alleviate Hangover

Did you have a little too much drink and looking for the best natural cure for the hangover? Whether you are out with friends or colleagues, in some social situations it is difficult not to drink, and even harder to cope with the hangover.

Who hasn’t tried all sorts of terrible drinks in an attempt to solve this horrible feeling? Here are 10 less known ways to get rid of the hangover.

Top 10 Foods that Alleviate Hangover
Fruit juice – you very well know you should drink water, preferably while drinking alcohol and the morning after, but did you know that, as a result of alcohol consumption, blood sugar decreases rapidly, thus worsening the hangover? For this reason, the consumption of fruit juice is one of the best ways to combat hangovers. The morning after, in your breakfast, add a few glasses of fruit juice. In this way you will raise your blood sugar level, replace lost electrolytes, and, of course, you will feel much better. Select apple or cranberry juice, because it will not have adverse effect on the sensitive stomach.

Tuna – Are you hungry? Make a tuna sandwich. Tuna is full of nutrients, and studies have shown that it is also one of the best foods to replace missing vitamins in the body. If you can digest it, tuna will really feel better and you will feel much better.

Bananas – Everybody knows that fruits are healthy but bananas are in a special category when it comes to hangovers. They’re full of potassium that is lost while drinking alcohol, which can cause extreme fatigue. Lack of potassium causes vomiting, cramps and nausea, so bananas can greatly help fight morning hangover.

Bread – Whole grain bread is full of vitamin B and fatty acids that will help detoxify your liver and cure the body. It will also absorb excess alcohol which is, of course, one of the best ways to combat hangovers.

Eggs – Because of the alcohol the body produces acetaldehyde, a toxic substance that is responsible for the headaches when you have a hangover. When the liver breaks down the alcohol, it uses an enzyme called Alcohol dehydrogenases to form acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is then converted into harmless acetate by the action of two enzymes: acetaldehyde – dehydrogenase and glutathione. As the liver has a limited supply of these enzymes, when a greater amount of alcohol enters the blood, and reserves depleted, the acetaldehyde accumulates. The body can fight the formation of glutathione, but its natural resources are rapidly consumed. Replace it by eating eggs containing glutathione and that will help remove residual alcohol.

Nuts – They will not only prevent the potential hangover, if you nibble on while drinking, but they will also stabilize the blood sugar and replace lost vitamins. This advice comes under simple and effective ways of preventing and combating a hangover.

Milk, garlic and olive oil – Before drinking alcohol it is very important for the stomach to be full. Reach for the milk, garlic and olive oil (but not together, because certainly it would not have a good taste). These foods will balance your stomach, raise the level of vitamins and help with the absorption of alcohol, and if you eat these foods before drinking alcohol, you’ll most likely drink less.

Mint tea – Mint is a great for digestion and also relieves tension, abdominal pain and bloating, and allows your body to detox faster. Not to mention the fact that it is very refreshing and delicious.

Ginger – In all its forms ginger helps easing nausea and also acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory remedy. Ginger ale, tea and biscuits from ginger, ginger soup … will have a beneficial effect on your body and will help you overcome the hangover.

Fresh spinach drink – Do you like spinach? It seems that this food you ether like it or hate it, but nobody can deny that it is extremely healthy! Especially if you have a hangover. Each spinach leaf is full of nutrients and vitamins, including folic acid, sulfur and vitamin C which are necessary to combat the hangover. Some say it tastes better if you add a little honey – well worth a try.

So, next time you go shopping, make sure you get the key ingredients that can help in the fight against the horrible hangovers. They will not only help you with all the typical symptoms of a hangover, but they will also help your body to heal itself and you will feel much better.

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