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What Happens when you Ignore the Cervical Cancer Signs

Most cancers of the cervix don’t show any apperent signs. Yet a simple thing can save your life: it is to perform a screening of smears at the gynecologist in order to detect it. If you notice any worrying symptoms, consult a specialist. Here is what can happens to you if you ignore some signs.
What Happens when you Ignore the Cervical Cancer Signs

This is the story of Amanda Booth, a woman aged 28 years and a mother of three children. She died from cancer of the cervix because she ignored certain signs and she was too afraid to perform a screening test. Result: detected too late, the cancer has spread all over the cervix and the illness became terminal, the young woman died of the disease.

Because of the fear from the smear, the cancer could not be detected in time and she could not get adequate treatment. Cancer cells have spread throughout the cervix and then throughout the body, causing severe vaginal bleeding. At this advanced stage of the disease, chemotherapy or radiotherapy is not possible, and the cancer is incurable.

The example of the young mother is a case that illustrates the consequences when you ignore some of the symptoms that can put your live in danger.

Here are signs that can be alarming about cervical cancer. If you observe any of the changes listed below, consult your gynecologist as soon as possible to check your condition.

The main symptoms of cervical cancer of the uterus:
– Vaginal pain during sex
– Bleeding outside the menstrual cycle
– Pain during urination
– Smelly vaginal discharge
– Pelvic pain (associated with other symptoms listed)
– Irregular periods
– Difficulties to control urination

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