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Why You Cannot Lose Belly Fat

If you need a recipe for losing belly fat, this article is not for you. However, if you want to know the scientific reasons for accumulation of belly fat to better understand how to get rid of it, read it!

Why You Cannot Lose Belly Fat

3 things you need to know to in order to get understanding about the abdominal fat

  • Our body is composed of different types of fat cells and some of these cells are very difficult to burn and lose.
  • Belly and hips are parts of the body where these fat cells are particularly stubborn.
  • To burn those fats, a specific diet combined with a sport can help you achieve your weight loss goal.

And for those who have tried everything and have not lost a single centimeter, perhaps genetic factors are not in question; the problem is probably somewhere else. Remember that reduction of intake of carbohydrates and sugars in combination with sustained cardio activity is not always the solution.

However, do not despair! To get a flat stomach, just follow the right method.

In order to lose belly fat, you must first understand how the fat burning mechanism. For when our body burns fat, a two-stage process is triggered: lipolysis and oxidation. When fat cells reject the stored fatty acids in the blood, the body is under lipolysis, and when the cells begin to burn fatty acids, oxidation talking.

Production of hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline (or catecholamines) triggers the process of lipolysis. When the chemical synthesis of organic compounds reaches the fat cells, they will stimulate our receivers and then stimulate the fatty acids to allow other cells to absorb and burn.

When you are on a diet, and you do not lose fat in the areas you’re targeting!

When you follow a diet to lose the extra kilos, you find that after a few weeks you have lost some weight. Unfortunately usually fat lost is not always located in the targeted areas. Result: you lose the fat on arms or chest but the belly and thighs always look the same! There is a scientific explanation for this: catecholamines do not have the same “effect” on all fat cells of the body; some respond well, others not. Why? This phenomenon is related to the fact that the cells are consisted of two categories of catecholamine receptors, alpha and beta. They are completely opposite: the beta receptors activate the process of lipolysis while alpha receptor blocks it.

Here’s the REAL reason why you can not lose fat around the belly. Fat on the belly and thighs is much harder to lose because the fat cells in these parts contain much more alpha than beta receptors.

Now you know why this abdominal fat is so difficult to lose.

We will share some tips that will help to improve fat burning process.

You’ve probably read a million articles about this and followed countless recipes advocated belly and thighs fat burn. You must know that there are no specific exercises that promote reduction of abdominal fat, and there is no miraculous food or drinks that help remove excess fat. In fact, the method is much simpler than that.

To lose fat around your belly, you need to understand two basic rules:

  • You must know that the body fat in women is estimated at about 10%.
  • To burn fat, you need a targeted plan that you will combine it with cardio exercises (natural supplements can also speed up the fat burning process).

If you follow these rules, you will quickly lose belly fat and lose it for good!

Some activities accelerate the weight loss process:

Important note:

You must eliminate sugars and carbs from your diet to get the desired results. You must focus on protein and fiber rich foods. Drink a glass of water before each meal to promote satiety. And also be sure to regularly eat your meals do not skip any to avoid the body to start making reserves.

To lose belly fat, you must make a sustained cardio workout; lifting heavy weights (ask advice from a fitness coach to see what weight is best suited for your figure). When these exercises are done correctly they are very effective in burning belly fat.

And to accompany all your efforts, SLEEP enough, at least 8 hours a day, for sleep promotes proper metabolism.

After reading this article, you may be skeptical and ready to accept the fact that you have fat on your stomach all your life! Think If you follow these simple rules and change your workout routine, you will get amazing results. Perseverance and motivation are the key words to get there!

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