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You’ll Fall Off Your Chair, When You Find Out What Kind Of Effect Coconut Oil Has On Our Health!

Colorectal cancer has become quite often diagnosed disease in the past decade. For instance, each year there are 95,000 new cases of colon cancer and 40,000 cases of rectal cancer in U.S. Unfortunately, half of the patients that suffer from this disease die from it which is only a solid proof that all types of cancer are not treatable with chemo or surgery. There are also the different side effects for each type of cancer.

Many studies are conducted regarding this issue, namely American scientists have found out that lauric acid contained in coconut oil is comprised of cancer destroying properties, which was revealed in the Cancer Research Journal at the University of Adelaide. This component managed to eliminate 90% of the cancer cells in two days. However, the experiments were held on a Petri dish under hermetic conditions and were not performed on a living organism.

Unfortunately, further studies have not been conducted regarding this matter as it is obvious that pharmaceutical companies are not interested in providing financial means which will lower their profit from the other products.

But, the fact remains that coconut oil is highly beneficial for the overall health. The component lauric acid is also a component of the breast milk which we all know its power for boosting the immune system. Many conducted studies have already proven that coconut oil can prevent many diseases and that it can even treat them, revealed by the American Society of Nutrition. It is extremely beneficial specifically for osteoporosis, gallbladder infections, cancer, viral diseases (for e.g. herpes, hepatitis C), and Alzheimer’s chronic illnesses. Moreover, coconut oil is highly effective for minimizing the negative side effects of chemotherapy.

Coconut oil is perfect solution for many cosmetics issues aside the fact that is incredible in the fight against many diseases. It treats skins acnes and also gives silky and glossy effect to the hair.


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